How They Met

Stoke-on-Trent has been birthplace for a lot of matchmaking firsts in the past… Josiah Wedgewood laid hands on his first pottery wheel; Sir Stanley Matthews kicked his first football; Robbie Williams sang (arguably!) his first note; and of course 15-time World Darts Champion – the legend that is Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor – first stepped up to the oche!!

It was also where Mike first laid eyes on a special young lady who would later become his beautiful wife.

They met by chance whilst at Staffordshire University in Stoke, sharing first year student accommodation at Carlton House. On different courses and in very different social circles, they only really passed a cursory smile and “hello” to each other when out in the Student Union after a fair few drinks.
But in June 1999, to celebrate the end of the first year, Carlton House residents threw a party that would lead to many more drinks and another encounter, only this time it would result in their first kiss.

Ok, before this all starts to sound soppy and romantic, it’s only fair to clarify that this was a very, very drunken night, and such was the nature of University nothing was made of it. They went their separate ways home for the Summer holidays shortly afterwards and any potential momentum disappeared.
But something must have clicked that night, for Mike at least, as a couple of years later they bumped into each other again one drunken Friday night in the Union (there’s a recurring theme here somewhere!). And after yet another passing (and this time slightly coy!) hello to each other, Mike turned to his best mate Pete and slurred “y’know one day I’m going to marry that girl!”

Chance encounters were few and far between for the next few years as the pair realised that actually a bit more studying and a little less partying might be in order (just a little mind!). Fast-forward to the end of 2003 and by now both had graduated and were in the early stages of their respective careers in law and advertising.
Sadie was working for a firm in London and had got a prospective job there for a mutual friend, Deano. Needing somewhere to crash until he made the role full-time, he stayed with Mike for a couple of weeks. And from quite out of nowhere the paths of Sadie and Mike were to cross again. A few more parties and some serious flirting later, and with the romance of Christmas fast approaching, the pair finally became an official item with a first date.

The rest, as they say, is history. And after almost 8 years, one house, two beautiful daughters and a cat later, on the 6th August 2011 they’ll finally complete the set by tying the knot! But be it fate, destiny or just plain old good fortune and luck, had it not been for that job offer it is highly conceivable that Sadie and Mike would never have met again again. You wouldn’t be viewing this website right now, there would be no wedding to look forward to and unthinkably, no Molly or Rosie.

It is often said that you’ll meet your partner for life at University – although not being in their lives for most of it isn’t usually part the deal. For Sadie and Mike however, whilst first acquainted in Stoke in 1998, their lives together are really just starting, and may there be many more happy years to come. So here’s a toast to the notion that, despite where your journeys have taken you before, some things in life are just meant-to-be.


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