The Hen-do

Brighton Rocks for Sade and her Hens!

On Friday 17th June, Sadie and 20 of her finest leading ladies will descend upon the pebbled shores of Brighton beach for a weekend of glamour, celebration and undoubted drunkenness!

As is customary with the Hen do, Sadie knows very little about what the weekend holds in store (other than the location and accommodation), but needless to say it will involve copius amounts of Pinot and an embarrassing task or two!

Amie, the Chief Bridesmaid, has done a fantastic job in arranging everything – booking a fantastic looking holiday home as a base for the girlies, and whilst she’s keeping her cards close to her chest about the activities, you can be sure she’ll have a few tricks up her sleeve!

Sade isn’t too worried however…Amie knows Sade’s likes and dislikes, so it promises to be an eventful yet classy affair – though don’t be surprised to see Sade ending the night saying a lengthy helloooooouuurrgh to Armitage Shanks come the end of the night!!

Thank to all the girls in advance for the efforts you’ve made to join in the fun. We know a lot of you already have a very busy 2011 planned, but it wouldn’t be the same without you all there to celebrate!

Lastly, please feel free to post a pre-hen weekend suggestions or comments, or let us know any weird and wonderful stories and memories you may have about Sade! Heck, even upload an embarrassing photo or two (we’ve all got one kicking around somewhere!)…just remember it’s for public viewing!!


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