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Sade and I are big fans of the fashion, style and romance of classic 1950s Hollywood Glamour. It’s provided much of the inspiration and undertone behind our wedding (without it becoming a themed-wedding). We wanted our invites to therefore give our guests an immediate feel for the Golden Age, following in the footsteps of the likes of Hepburn, Monroe, Sinatra and Gable!

Being a Design & Art Director, it made sense to save ourselves a packet on wedding stationery costs and design/print the whole suite myself! It also allowed us to have a completely unique design, using fonts and a classic black and white theme to reflect the era. It can then be used throughout every element of the wedding stationery, from invites to place names and right through to thank-you cards after the big day.

So here’s the end results! And whilst they may have taken longer (ahem…a lot longer – I’m a compulsory faffer!) than expected, we’re really pleased with how they look and we hope you like them too.

Let us know what you think with a comment below…

Bespoke 1950s-style wallpaper, complete with personalisation

Yes - I really did hand-tie all the bows!!!

Mounted overlay with pocket for inserts.

Invitation inserts with key information and rsvp.

Evening reception invite

Key information inserts and rsvp.


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  1. I have wondered what you have been up to for the past 24 weeks? 🙂 Jx

  2. Spotted a typo – bloody dyslexic designers!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous era-inspired designs. Love the pockets, the transparent print behind the text which echoes the main design, and the beautiful fonts. All personalised too. Lovely.

    Design geek… only by observation though! Wish I had your talent. 😉

    • Ah thanks for your kind words Sam. Makes the hard work worthwhile!

      We’re really pleased with them. The designs have given us a good foundation for the other stationery bits and pieces on the day.

      Glad you picked up on the era-inspiration too!! :o)


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