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Poll – ‘Air Guitar’ or ‘Going Too Far’?

Mike has no shame in admitting he’s partial to a good power ballad after a few drinks. But whilst Sadie may have to share her hubby’s love for her with the likes of Phil Collins, he knows that air guitars and imaginary drumsticks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (certainly not Sade’s!).

So just for fun, we’re putting it to the vote…


Our photographer

We’re delighted to have Julian Tse as our wedding photographer. His style of reportagé photography is amazing, capturing wonderful moments shared between people that will give us a very unique memory of our day alongside the more traditional ‘posed’ pics.

We love his work and, as you’ll see below, his eye for detail, compositional and lighting skills create the most beautiful images. What’s more, he’s flying in from Brazil especially for us, so a big thank you to Julian for doing this.

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